Generate more leads, better leads and more sales-ready leads online…

…WITHOUT increasing your traffic volume, growing your social media following or investing more in paid advertising

How, you ask?

By creating MORE value with the marketing assets you ALREADY have in place.

Hi, I’m Lauren!

Like you and the audience members at your event, I’m the owner of a small, service-based business.

My digital marketing agency, Bixa Media, was born out of a desire to help small business owners find better ways to secure new customers online.

Because quite honestly, who has the time to be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Email, Medium, Blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and whatever social platform is about to be invented next?

More importantly…what small business can actually afford to be on all of those channels?

After 9 years of working with clients, I have seen that more followers DOES NOT necessarily equal more business. (And I bet you and your audience have experienced this too.)

What I HAVE seen is that better relationships equals more business.

Now, let me be clear, I’m not saying that social media is useless, but I do believe we’ve been going about it the wrong way…and in the wrong sequence.

Most of the clients I work with:

1. Struggle with how to get new buyers


2. Aren’t sure which marketing activities are working (and which aren’t).

And to be honest, when a company struggles with how to get new buyers and doesn’t exactly know which marketing activities are going to secure new business, it’s no wonder growth feels so challenging!

So let’s make business growth simpler, by making online marketing simpler.

Look, we all start our businesses for different reasons…

…but it typically ties back to wanting to pursue your own unique version of entrepreneurial freedom.

It takes a special type of person to embark on this crazy journey. Because I think we can ALL agree that becoming (and staying) a business owner is no mean feat.

If you truly want to be able to make a greater impact on your customers, your loved ones, your community and the world…then you need better business growth.

A bit about me…

I started out my career working in the medical device industry in Brussels, Belgium where we did marketing the “old fashioned” way.

Ready to get with the times, I moved to London to train with a digital agency where I worked on online campaigns for companies like NFL Madden Superstars and Foxy Bingo.

At the time, I remember thinking: “Why don’t small, local businesses have access to this kind of digital marketing strategy and expertise? It would be a game changer for the way they secure new customers!”

And so I moved across the pond, back home, to start my own business as an online marketing strategist.

I’m obsessed with adventure, freedom and taking charge of your own destiny…so naturally, I became an entrepreneur.

One of my proudest accomplishments at Bixa was the time I generated over $250,000 in revenue for a client using only 9 emails.

My clients often refer to me as their “secret weapon” and my unique background gives me the ability to sit at the intersection of design, technology and marketing.

I have a less is more approach and am on a mission to simplify online marketing.

The #1 question my clients ask is:

How do I get more business from my online presence?

Through my speaking, training and consulting, I help businesses generate more leads, better leads and more sales-ready leads by creating more value out of their existing online assets.

I firmly believe that when you master lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing…you can create both an impactful business and an enjoyable life.

And, in my humble opinion, the world needs more amazing entrepreneurs with impactful businesses and enjoyable lives…because they make this planet a better place.

Lauren Pawell, MBA

Lauren helps entrepreneurs generate, nurture and qualify more leads online.

She gets business owners to focus on high-impact marketing efforts, so they don’t waste any time or money spinning their wheels on tactics that won’t drive real results. Case in point? That time she generated $262,822.58 in sales for a client using only 9 emails.

As an online marketing strategist, Lauren has been featured in Copyblogger, Videofruit, appeared as a guest expert for 90 Day Year Live, Highbrow, The Office Talk Podcast, Freshbooks, Thrive Global, Female Entrepreneur Association, Dubsado, LeadPages, LeadQuizzes, Wordstream, BrandIt Girl, Live In The Feast, The Food Entrepreneur Summit, Teach What You Do, Nail Your Brand Camp, and Blissful Bites. She has also taught as guest faculty at the Laguna College of Art and Design.

Ballet + Spanish + Ambulance chasing = ?

If you STILL want to learn more about me…as well as find the answer to the equation above, click here for the full story.

“Lauren’s framework and presentation on (getting, qualifying and nurturing) leads in your business was both refreshing in its straightforwardness (as in zero hype or fluff) and, after putting her suggestions into action… highly impactful. So grateful to have seen her on stage at the 90 Day Year Live Event.”

— Hélène Scott

“Lauren knows how to hold the audience’s attention while delivering valuable content and strategies. Her message was powerful and she wove together stories and examples that drive the message home even further!”

— Chanie Wilschanski

“Lauren is a GREAT speaker and presenter. I had the privilege to see her at Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Live event and she had the entire audience captivated with her presentation. She’s clear, articulate, humorous and inspiring. I would highly recommend Lauren to share her strategies on traffic, funnels and social media with your audience!”

— Andrew Hand

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